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A Message for People with Mobility Concerns

We are committed to providing our senior citizens, and people with physical mobility challenges with the very best mobility aids. We take this aspect of our products and services very seriously, and endeavor to supply our clients with the very best power and manual mobility devices.

We often run our “Jazzy Select for All” program that features the world class Jazzy Select power wheelchair. During these promotional periods we offer all our clients with mobility concerns this option at incredibly low prices. This promotion is also available to insurance and Medicare recipients!

Call us today to find out when the next promotion will run, you will be glad you did! Again, Eagle Medical is proud to change the infamous name "handicapped" to "handicapable"!

We pride ourselves on our products as well as our customer service standards. Feel free to contact us anytime on the phone or online. We respond promptly to messages left after regular business hours. Thank you for visiting and don’t hesitate to give us the opportunity to serve you!

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